With the sheer number of items to be kept clean in every office, we often only take notice of the cleanliness of those in front of us, like our desks, doors, cabinet tops and flooring. More often than not, most of us tend to neglect to keep what we sit on every day in sanitary condition – our own office chairs. However, we feel that office chairs should be given more, if not, as much attention as other office furniture. Sitting on a clean chair without worrying about being in contact with stains or dust makes one’s workday more comfortable and enjoyable. If you still think that cleaning one’s chair is unnecessary and tedious, here are some  reasons why you should clean your office chair more frequently.


1. Avoid Allergies

Everywhere we go, allergens are all around us. Did you know that allergens can accumulate on our chairs due to dust settling on the backrest and seat? These allergens might be trapped under the fabric over time as well. As mentioned, many of us only take notice of what is immediately visible to us, but we neglect what comes in contact with us most of the time. Therefore, many of these allergens that are not visible are seldom wiped or vacuumed away. In the long run, it is possible that these harmful particles will stagnate on the chair and lead to skin irritation or even worse, respiratory issues. Keeping your chairs clean can help to reduce employee down-time as the chances for them to develop respiratory issues are kept minimal. This is definitely a win-win situation for both businesses and employees.


2. Greater Comfort

Although there have not been any scientific studies to show the correlation between the cleanliness of chairs and comfort of those who sit on them, we do think that a clean chair provides a more pleasurable and comfortable experience. We are sure every one would prefer a clean, comfortable chair over a filthy one that has stains and might be infested with dust mites.


3. Portray Professionalism

At first glance, an office with clean chairs helps to portray a more professional image. Contrary to popular belief, keeping your chair clean is a relatively simple task that can performed without the need of any special tools. Your employees and clients will feel more at ease in an environment that looks and feels clean.


4. Lengthen the Lifespan of Your Chair

With regular cleaning and upkeep of your office chairs, they will be able to last longer and serve their purpose better. Keeping your chairs well-maintained also allows one to check for any dysfunctional parts to allow them to be serviced before the problems worsen. With that, less investment is required on chairs since they can be used for a longer time. Bear in mind to check out the warranty programme that is offered by your chair vendor before you make your purchase.


5. Get Rid of Irritable Desk Syndrome

Employees who work in an undesirable environment for long periods of time often have a bad sitting posture. Not only will this affect them physiologically, but also psychologically, which will in turn affect the quality of work produced and their overall mood.


In summary, there are many benefits to maintaining the cleanliness of your office chairs which can be easily performed and does not take up much time. So let’s keep our chairs clean today!


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