With the variety of office chairs available in the expanding market, mesh chairs are often the most distinctive in terms of style and aesthetics. They are also increasing in popularity due to their many benefits; in terms of both form and function.

The following are some advantages of using a mesh chairs:

Benefits of Mesh Chairs - Ventilation


The most obvious difference between a mesh chair and one upholstered in a material like leather or fabric is the increased ventilation it provides. With longer periods of time spent sitting on the chair due to increased working hours, many of us tend to perspire a fair bit, especially if working in a non-air-conditioned environment. With a mesh office chair, air circulation is much better along the backrest. Moisture is allowed to evaporate at a faster rate, which will in turn create a more pleasant working environment. Consequently, when one’s mood is improved, productivity is increased.




Benefits of Mesh Chairs - Durability



If a high quality mesh is used, mesh chairs generally have a reasonably long lifespan. A good mesh should be relatively tightly weaved to be able to withstand the average user’s weight.





Benefits of Mesh Chairs - Minimal Maintenance


Due to the improved ventilation as mentioned above, one need not worry about the absorption of sweat and stains which may give off an unpleasant smell in the office or home which will create an undesirable environment. Unclean working environments are definitely discouraged as they affect productivity and also image. As mesh chairs feature a breathable material, that allows air to flow along the backrest and bottom (if using a full mesh chair), less effort is required to clean the chair.





Benefits of Mesh Chairs - Style



Mesh chairs fit well with working environments with contemporary design and are relatively lightweight. The mesh chair is also a more suitable companion for the open-plan office.





Benefits of Mesh Chairs - Support


With an ergonomic shape and flexibility in suiting your preference, it provides a better support and reduces the probability of developing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) even after long hours of sitting on them, if used correctly. With lumbar support adjustment available on the backrest, adjustments can be made so that one’s lumbar is adequately supported.






Mesh chairs generally increase comfort and productivity in the office or home, while also looking sleek and visually appealing. In the long run, you will feel happier and will also suffer from less health issues with better sitting posture and support. They do not require much maintenance and are definitely a good investment for the office or home.

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