From Dream to Reality: The Dream Chair

Most of us find that we spend a third or more of our day sitting at our desks. After remaining sedentary for long periods of time, performing stretching exercises do help, but it is still not the best and healthiest solution we can have. Finding a chair that fits well can play a vital role in not just your […]

Ergonomic Tools that Change the Way You Work

Feeling a little stiff or sore at the end of the day? Poor ergonomics could be the issue. Consider the way you are working. Let’s take a few minutes to look at the infographic below that showcases ergonomic keyboard and mouse options to improve hand, wrist, and arm comfort; to reduce strains; and to prevent […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Office Chairs

Whether one is shifting operations to a new office space or re-designing your current office space, we have to admit that something that seems as inconsequential as the purchase of office chairs can be a headache. We understand that shortlisting suitable office chairs to be used in your workspace can be a tedious and frustrating […]

Ergonomics and Workplace Design

“Grunt..”, is a very common sound in the workplace at the end of the day. Back strains and pains are the most common form of injuries that most office workers suffer from due to bad ergonomics. While we are hard at work, it seems that we have worked our spines even harder with our long […]

5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Ergonomic Chair

Following last week’s post on ergonomic chairs,  we cannot emphasise enough how sitting on a good ergonomic chair plays a major role in ensuring that you feel good throughout the workday. Many of us spend more than a third of our day at work, slogging at our desks. Prevent yourself from falling victim to your […]

Benefits of Mesh Chairs

With the variety of office chairs available in the expanding market, mesh chairs are often the most distinctive in terms of style and aesthetics. They are also increasing in popularity due to their many benefits; in terms of both form and function. The following are some advantages of using a mesh chairs:   The most […]

How to adjust your Ergonomic Chair

It doesn’t matter how good your ergonomic chair is if it isn’t properly set up and adjusted to your requirements. Your seating experience will be uncomfortable and it is likely that you might develop posture problems over time. A good ergonomic chair should ideally provide proper support to your spine, thighs and arms. At the same time, […]

How To Clean Office Mesh Chair

So you have your office mesh chair and you would like to make it look as bright and sparkly as the first day that you brought it back. The question is, ‘how to clean your mesh chair’ on a regular basis to keep it functioning looking at it’s best? Believe or not, there is not much […]