Play at Work: Stimulate creativity and innovation.

We believe that play incubates creativity, sparks innovation and helps connect others to the world around us. Here, we define “play” as having fun. Stimulation and stress-relief from play is not only essential for kids, but for adults too. As adults, we spend much of our waking hours at work. As such, it is a daunting task to find […]

Types of Workspaces in the Office: The Quiet Room

The increase in the number of open-plan offices and the focus on collaborative work might create more opportunities for disruptions at work, whether it is office banter or work-related communication from one employee to another.  With these disruptions, it is not surprising to note increasing feedback from people who say that they find it hard […]

Types of Workspaces in the Office: Touch Down Area

The way people work has changed in today’s interconnected world. People are able to work anytime and anywhere, and communication regarding work happens even when they are on the go. Hence, there is a growing need for organisations to provide for touch down areas for their employees. Touch down areas are common workspaces shared by […]

Types of Workspaces in the Office: The Private Space

A private space in our article refers to cubicles or desks that allows for individual workspaces for each employee, and it is different from team spaces which was discussed last week. Like its name suggests, a private space gives employees their own privacy to facilitate the work of employees whose job scopes requires a certain level […]

Types of Workspaces in the Office: Team Spaces

With the rising cost of space, organisations typically want to ensure that their space are well-utilised, which explains the gaining popularity of the open workspaces, which is also commonly refereed to as the open-plan office or open-concept office. An open office reduces the real estate footprint required and in turn reduce costs because more employees […]

Types of Workspaces in the Office: Collaborative Areas

Last week, we gave recommendations on planning an effective meeting room.  In this article, we will discuss collaborative areas, also known as breakout areas, which are more informal and encourage a different kind of interaction as compared to the meeting room. We should recognise that collaboration between different teams and departments is inevitable. Therefore, areas conducive […]

Types of Workspaces in the Office: The Meeting Room

In our previous article, we gave an overview of the different types of workspaces commonly found in the modern office.  Hereafter, we will be zooming into each type of workspace to help readers have a clearer idea of what are the common furniture items, accessories and activities in that particular workspace. This week, let us take a look at […]

Types of Workspaces in the Office

It is an indisputable fact that employees are an organisation’s most valuable resource. As such, steps should be taken to help increase productivity and efficiency at the workplace. With the rising costs of real estate and office space rental in Singapore, long gone are the days where every employee is designated a dedicated workstation or […]