5 Reasons to Clean Your Office Chair Today

With the sheer number of items to be kept clean in every office, we often only take notice of the cleanliness of those in front of us, like our desks, doors, cabinet tops and flooring. More often than not, most of us tend to neglect to keep what we sit on every day in sanitary […]

GREENGUARD: Indoor Air Quality

Most of us spend almost 80% of our time indoors. The only times we spend outdoors are kept mimimal; probably during the commute to work if taking public transport, going out of office for meals or going out to participate in a specific outdoor activity. Interestingly, although we spend most of our time indoors, not many […]

7 Simple and Quick Stretching Exercises That Won’t Freak Your Co-workers Out

According to the Willis Towers Watson’s 2015/2016 Global Staying@Work survey, stress remains a pressing workplace issue in the eyes of organisations globally. In Asia-Pacific, employers see the lack of physical activity as the top workplace issue. The average person spends at least one third of their time at the workplace. In today’s work landscape where there are increasing challenges […]

The Cost Of Poor Posture

I never got the part about being healthy; well, until I read this recent article from Gene Kay: Office Ergonomics ROI. In the article, he wrote about the cost of poor posture. In the article he showed how just by sitting properly, you could prevent injuries like lower back, shoulder and neck aches which might […]

5 Simple Ways to Burn More Calories While Sitting at Your Desk

Maintain Your Posture Slouching requires minimum effort from our muscle. Sit up straight. At the same time, contract your abs as often as possible and keep them tight for 60 seconds or more to tone your midsection. This will help you burn more calories and also keep your back healthy.   Inhale. Exhale. Breathe! Take […]

How to Sit Correctly with Good Posture

“Sit up straight.”, that was the constant twang in my household while growing up. My mother would nag us whenever she caught us slouching in our chair. She would then go on about how good posture would make us feel confident and be healthy in the long run. This infographic shows the correct sitting posture that you […]

How To Prevent Backache With Proper Lumbar Support

We sit all day – while driving, working, watching television – and that is why your back does not like it. Sitting all day, sometimes with bad posture, it is not surprising that the problem of backache and groaning at the end of the work day is on a sharp rise. Our early ancestors would […]