Most of us find that we spend a third or more of our day sitting at our desks. After remaining sedentary for long periods of time, performing stretching exercises do help, but it is still not the best and healthiest solution we can have. Finding a chair that fits well can play a vital role in not just your health but also help to improve productivity and job satisfaction.

Our unique Dream chair has 3 main features that would help you achieve comfort when sitting or relaxing in your chair every day at work. Sounds too good to be true? We think it is a dream come true.


Dream reclining features

1. Auto-Balance Recline Tension

A well-designed chair allows the user to sit in a balanced position, which is to maintain proper posture whether when sitting upright or reclining. The Dream chair offers an in-built automatic balance mechanism that allows you maximum comfort and support without any need for tension adjustment, regardless of your body weight. It uses your body weight combining the laws of physics to perfectly and automatically adjust recline support for each individual. No fiddling with tension control knobs will be required.


Dream Adjustable seat depth

2. Adjustable Seat Depth

If given the luxury of choice, another feature that an ideal office chair should have is seat depth adjustment. This feature allows the depth of the seat to be adjusted to accommodate the length of our thighs and to distribute our weight evenly across the seat. A petite person who sits on a chair with a seat that is too deep will experience pressure behind the knees, thus hindering blood circulation. Proper lower back support will also not be received from the chair’s backrest if he or she is not able to sit all the way in.  A person who is of taller built who sits on a seat that is too short will not have adequate support to the thighs. This in turn causes higher contact pressure exerted on the buttocks and thighs. The Dream chair’s seat depth adjustment feature fixes these issues.


Dream Chair

3. Distinctive Lockable Backrest

The distinctive backrest of the Dream chair offers supreme comfort and support. The perforations on the backrest also allows for better air circulation and adds character to any workplace or home office. The lockable backrest allows for locking at an upright or comfortable reclined position.

Finding your dream chair has never been that easy. With our Dream chair supporting you in every way possible, you are free to assert yourself with confidence and style. You can make your dream come true today!

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